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Payroll Administrators

Setting up Direct Deposit for your employee is quick and easy!

Routing Information:

Routing Number: 122244184 (please ensure you enter a 9 digit number)
Account Number: 844001 + last 10 digits of card number (please ensure you enter a 16 digit number)
Account Type: Checking
Bank Name: Pacific Western Bank

Frequently Asked Questions:

top1. When I enter the routing # listed on the direct deposit form, I receive an error message or system message stating the “routing number is invalid”.

A:Payroll systems are updated periodically and may not always be up to date with accurate banking information. Please note that if the correct routing (Achieve Routing Number: 122244184) and account number is entered the Direct Deposit will be successfully processed.

top2. The account number on the direct deposit form is longer than my system will allow. What do I do?

A:The account number should be 16 digits long. It will start with “844001” and will be followed by a 10 digit number.

Please Note: We recently had a mail printing error that was included in a marketing distribution that listed the “844001” twice. If you have received a Direct Deposit form with this error, please disregard the first “844001” listed. (Ex- “844001 8440010000000000”; please only use “8440010000000000” as the account number)

top3. We received a Notification of Change (NOC) report from Pacific Western Bank. Does this mean the Direct Deposit was returned/rejected?

A:NO, this does not mean it was returned or rejected. A Notification of Change (NOC) report is simply an “FYI” that information on an ACH that was sent was incorrect (i.e. Routing Number, Account Number, etc.).

Please Note: Our bank merged with Pacific Western Bank on 4/1/2011 and as a result our routing number changed. If a Direct Deposit was sent to the old routing number, you would have received a NOC report informing you of the new routing number. Please update your payroll software with this information as soon as this report is received to ensure your employee gets their next Direct Deposit successfully. If a Direct Deposit was sent to the old routing number, it will still process successfully.

If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call 1-866-777-0971.