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Contact your benefits office to set up direct deposit today!

How do I set up Direct Deposit with my benefits office?

  • Use the information below to contact your benefits office

  • Provide them with your AchieveCard account information:

    Account Title:

    Your Name

    Account Number:

    844001 + Last 10 digits of AchieveCard number

    Routing Number:


    Account Type:


**Note: If you are already receiving direct deposit to another account, simply tell the benefits representative that you need to change your account information to that listed above.

Use the below contact information to sign up for Direct Deposit of your:

  • Social Security (SS)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Railroad Retirement (RRB)
  • Civil Service (OPM) Retirement
  • Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)
  • Federal Salary/Military Civilian Pay

To set up Direct Deposit of your Unemployment Benefits, contact your state’s benefits office.