Achieve Announces Terms of FDIC Restitution Plan.

Effective May 28, 2013, Achieve entered into a settlement with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) agreeing to the issuance of a Consent Order requiring, among other things, Achieve to establish a plan for the payment of restitution of certain fees and disputed claims as more fully described at the FDIC website at .

If you are an existing AchieveCard customer eligible for reimbursement pursuant to the Achieve restitution plan, no action by you is necessary to receive the restitution. You will be contacted within the next several weeks by Achieve regarding the payment of restitution to you, which may be credited directly to your AchieveCard account. We will contact you by email or another form of communication we have available for you in the event that a restitution payment is credited directly to your AchieveCard account.

If you are an existing or former AchieveCard customer entitled to restitution but do not have an active AchieveCard account, we will attempt to contact you at a mailing address we have determined based on an address verification service we have retained to assist us in obtaining current address information for former Achieve cardholders. If you believe you are entitled to restitution under the Achieve plan and have not heard from us by September 30, 2013 or if you have questions about the plan, you may contact an Achieve representative toll-free at 1-888-616-5394 or by email at You may also use either of these methods to provide an updated mailing address where a restitution payment may be mailed to you.