Fee Schedule

All fee amounts will be withdrawn from your Card Account and will be assessed as long as there is a remaining balance on your Card Account, except where prohibited by law. NOTE:Fees assessed to your Card Account balance may bring your Card Account negative. Any time your Card Account balance is less than the fee amount being assessed, the balance of your Card Account will be applied to the fee amount. THIS WILL RESULT IN A NEGATIVE BALANCE ON YOUR CARD ACCOUNT. If that occurs, any subsequent deposits or loads into your Card Account will first be applied to the negative balance.

Monthly Maintenance Fee:
(Account Maintenance)
$9.95 (Charged at time of the first load to your Card, and then charged on the same day of each month thereafter)
**Domestic ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee:
(Fee-ATM Withdrawal)
$2.50 (per transaction)
**International ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee:
(Fee-International ATM Cash Withdrawal)
$2.50 (per transaction)
**Domestic ATM Balance Inquiry Fee
(Fee-Domestic ATM Balance Inquiry) or (Fee-ATM PIN Balance Inquiry)
$0.95 (per inquiry)
**International ATM Balance Inquiry (Fee-ATM PIN Balance Inquiry) $0.95 (per inquiry)
PIN Purchases – POS Purchase Transaction Fee:
(Fee-POS PIN Purchase)
$0.95 (per transaction)
Signature Purchases – POS Purchase Transaction Fee:
(Fee-POS Signature Purchase)
No Fee
Bank Teller Cash Withdrawal:
(Fee-ACH Withdrawal)
$2.50 (per transaction)
Replacement Card Fee (5-7 business day delivery):
(Fee-Reissue Card)
$9.95 (per Card; when Card is reissued or replaced for any reason, except upon expiration)
Replacement Card Fee with Expedited Shipping of Replacement Card (2-3 business day delivery):
(Fee-Reissue Card Urgent Shipment)
$29.95 (per Card when a Card is reissued or replaced for any reason, except upon expiration with requested expedited shipping)
Monthly Written Transaction History Fee:
(Fee-Paper Statement)
$2.95 (per monthly written transaction history requested)
International Currency Conversion Fee:
(Fee-Transaction Type (with currency conversion))
2.95% of transaction amount after currency conversion