Fees and your Available Balance

All fees assessed by us are deducted from your Card Account available balance, except where prohibited by law. If your available balance is insufficient to cover any transaction amount or any transaction fee(s) assessed or both, the transaction may be declined. Furthermore, if your available balance is insufficient to cover any fees assessed, your Card Account will be drawn negative for any portion of the fee(s) not covered by your available balance. Please be aware that when you reload your Card, your available balance will first be applied to cover the portion of the fee(s) that drew your balance negative before any transaction activity is processed to your Card Account. If your Card Account maintains a negative balance for ninety (90) days from the date of the first negative balance drawn, we will close your card Account. We reserve the right to offset any negative balance by any current or future funds you may load to or maintain in your card Account or any other Card or Card Account you maintain with us now or in the future.

  Core Fees
Monthly Maintenance Fee
(Account Maintenance)

PIN Purchase Transaction Fee
(Fee-POS PIN Purchase)

Signature Purchase Transaction Fee
(Fee-POS Signature Purchase)
$9.95 per month

$0.95 each

$0.00 each
  ATM Fees *The owner of the ATM may charge a fee in addition to the fees shown.
ATM Withdrawals
(Fee-ATM Withdrawal)
$2.50 each
ATM Balance Inquiries
(Fee-ATM Balance Inquiry)
$0.95 each
  Less Common and International Fees
Monthly Paper Statements
(Fee-Paper statement)
$2.95 per Statement
Bank Teller Cash Withdrawal
(Fee-ACH Withdrawal)

Replacement Card (Fee-Reissue Card)

Expedited Shipping for Replacement Card
(Fee-Reissue Card Urgent Shipment)
$2.50 each

$9.95 per card

$29.95 per card
International Currency Conversion
(Fee-Transaction Type (with currency conversion)
2.95 % of transaction amount after currency conversion